Waffle Costume

DIY on a Dime: Waffle Costume

Oct 26, 2016
Still don't have a Halloween costume? If you loved the Netflix original series Stranger Things or are just a big fan of breakfast foods, we’ve got you covered.
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7 Sweet & Spooky No-Carve Pumpkins

Oct 19, 2016
Halloween’s almost here and you still haven’t decorated? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some playful pumpkins – and there’s no carving necessary!
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Refresh Your Space for Fall

Sep 16, 2016
Feeling overwhelmed by pumpkin spice everything and gaudy fall decor? Check out our tips for a subtler autumnal transition, and get ready to welcome fall into your home the smart way.
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Decor Accessory

Home Show Trendwatch: Containers to Worship

Sep 08, 2016
Housing alternatives, like man sheds and tiny homes, are topping the design charts. We're bringing one of the hottest housing trends to the Raleigh Home Show: the shipping container.
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Cooking Stage

What's Cooking at the Raleigh Home Show

Sep 07, 2016
The Recipe Cooking Stage Presented by The News & Observer and built by Kitchen Recreations will North Carolina's top chefs. Can't wait 'til the show? Learn how to make Il Palio's lamb meatballs!
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Sponsor Spotlight: Angie's List

Sep 07, 2016
Not sure what to look for in a contractor? Angie's List (and its millions of reviews) can help! Visit them in Booth #837 at the Raleigh Home Show to learn more.
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Top 5 Features at the Raleigh Home Show

Sep 06, 2016
The Raleigh Home Show kicks off this weekend! Plan your visit with our list of the top 5, can't-miss features at this year's event.
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Serena Appiah

Shop Like a Pro with Thrift Diving Tips

Aug 30, 2016
Does DIY project inspiration turn to panic when you visit a thrift store? Learn how to shop smart from Serena Appiah. The thrifting guru shared some great tips with us ahead of her Raleigh Home Show appearance.
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SUR Furniture

Exhibitor Spotlight: SUR Furniture

Aug 29, 2016
Find tons of decor inspiration and ideas when you visit SUR Furniture at the Raleigh Home Show. Enjoy our brief interview to learn more about their services.
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Mudroom Mania: 6 Projects to Inspire You

Aug 26, 2016
Is your mudroom diving you to madness? We've got just what you need to say goodbye to clutter and get organized.
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Matt Blashaw

Three Reasons to Invest in a Vacation Home

Aug 23, 2016
Matt Blashaw may be known for Yard Crashers and Ellen’s Design Challenge, but his true passion is helping families find and invest in vacation homes. Check out his top tips before you see him at the Raleigh Home Show.
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Cute & Creative Crafts: Fun with Stencils

Aug 18, 2016
If school doesn't start until after Labor Day and you’re running out of ways to keep your kids entertained, we can help! Turn off the second consecutive hour of Paw Patrol (because you need your sanity) and try tackling this fun family craft instead.
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Garage Makeover

DIY on a Dime: Easy Garage Makeover

Aug 12, 2016
Give your space a DIY makeover with these simple tips. Our six ideas and will help you take your garage from out of control to organized.
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Olympic Party Ideas

Aug 05, 2016
We’ve got a few fun suggestions for an Olympic-themed bash to help you get into the spirit of the games. Check ‘em out below and get ready to go for gold this August.
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Closet Chaos: How To Create Sensible Storage Space

Jul 28, 2016
Is your closet somewhere in between a black hole and an episode of Hoarders? Find out how you can transform your cluttered chaos into sensible storage.
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Home Office Space: Tips & Tricks to Stay Organized When You Work from Home

Jul 20, 2016
Find it challenging to balance work and family life when your office is at home? Check out our simple tips designed to help you spruce up your space and stay on task.
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Closetbox Logo

Exhibitor Spotlight: Closetbox

Jul 19, 2016
From gardening supplies to outdoor games and barbecue tools, summer sure does come with a lot of accessories. Keep your space organized this season and next with a little help from Closetbox.
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Camping Hacks

10 Life Hacks to Help You Camp Like a Pro

Jul 14, 2016
You know how they always say: work smart, not hard? The same goes for camping! Check out our favorite outdoor life hacks to make your next camping adventure a breeze!
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Outdoor Entertaining

8 Garden Party Ideas that Will Give Gatsby a Run for His Money

Jul 07, 2016
Take your seasonal soiree to the next level with these festive and fun ideas. Whatever the occasion, we're sure these DIY projects will add to every celebration.
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4th Of July

Red, White & Ooh: 4th of July Party Ideas

Jun 28, 2016
Throw the perfect patriotic party with several star spangled solutions from some of the best bloggers out there. Try a few Uncle Sam approved ideas and prepare to celebrate like it’s 1776!
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