The Kitchen Cousins On Chip and Joanna, Their Favorite Project & More

Sep 12, 2017

The Raleigh Home Show returns to the downtown Convention Center with celebrity guests including HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri. The guys' passion lies in designing and building dream kitchens. But before they drop their knowledge on Triangle audiences, get to know more about them below.

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Q. What’s a simple upgrade homeowners can tackle that’ll go a long way?
John: "A simple upgrade for the kitchen is installing a backsplash for the kitchen. This is something that will cost a couple hundred dollars and will give you a large return on your investment. Great part is that it can be a DIY project for the weekend."

Q. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
John: "Progress shots of the Rachel Ray Studio kitchen we are finishing up."

Q. Favorite easy DIY project?
John: "Backyard/Rooftop Shower."

Q. What’s one thing we wouldn’t guess about you?
 "Along with doing all my design and contracting work I also run a restaurant that I own with Anthony. The restaurant is located in Jersey City and the name is Talde. If anyone is in the area, they should come out and visit. We also designed and built the entire restaurant so everyone will love the décor for sure!"

Q. What’s the biggest home improvement DIY fail you’ve seen?
John: "When doing DIY projects I always tell homeowners to not do anything that involves plumbing or electrical. Save that for the professionals and licensed contractors."
Anthony: "100% agreed. Look, the bottom line with DIY is that until you have had some practice there are going to be failures, but that is okay. Start small and manageable and work your way up to more complicated projects. The satisfaction is worth the trial and error!"

Q. Fill in the blank: On my days off you can usually find me ________.
 "On my days off you will find me working out and going to crossfit. It is my obsession an I love fitness!" 
Anthony: "Riding my motorcycle and/or shooting photos."

Q. What’s a must-have at any party you’re throwing?
 "Ice. No one likes a warm beverage."

Q. What project have you been most proud to work on?
John: "For an episode of Cousins On Call we renovated an entire home with The Ellen Show. Two EMS works lost everything when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey. Instead of staying with their home they left to save lives. Giving back their home to such good people who did so much for others was the best feeling."

Q. Where do you go online to find inspiration?
 "I follow many designers, contractors and architects on Instagram. When searching online I go to HGTV, Pinterest, Dwell, Houzz, Remodelista, Design Milk, Apartment Therapy and Architectural Digest."
Anthony: "The only thing I would add to the above is travel. Traveling to new places to see how they use color, pattern and texture is the ultimate inspiration."

Q. What’s one thing you wish every homeowner knew?
"When doing a renovation always make sure you have a contingency reserve of at least 15-20% to make sure you prepare for change orders and unexpected items you will find behind the walls during a renovation."
Anthony: "There are a lot of  things we want homeowners to know…that’s why we started our podcast WWW.HOMEWITHTHECOUSINS.COM."

Q. What’s something that folks should watch out for when working with a contractor or interior designer?
 "The bottom line is that you need to do your due diligence on anyone you choose to work with. We got into a lot of depot on this in the “Building Your Team” episode of the podcast."

Q. What’s the most useful product a homeowner can spend $100 or less on?
 "Tape measure and a level." 

Q. What should homeowners splurge on? Is it necessary to get a custom couch or can your money be better spent?
 "I say splurge on area rugs that are interesting and have great color. They will transform your room and help you build your style in the room."
Anthony: "Also, in the kitchen: backsplash. It is a relatively small square footage so you can get a little more expensive with your tile choice because you are buying a lot of it." 

Q. What’s your favorite place to shop for home décor? Is there a hidden gem most people don’t know about?
"West Elm is my style all the way. They have contemporary style mixed with mid century modern. I have to admit every time I go there I feel I have to buy new pillows for our couch. It is an addiction?"
Anthony: "Architectural salvage spots like Olde Good Things and Architectural Antiques… you never know what you’re going to find, and chances are there isn’t another one like it!"  

Q. What’s one aspect of home improvement or design that isn’t as complicated or difficult as people think it is?
John: "
It’s difficult and it’s complicated. The only thing I can say is being prepared in advance and doing your homework makes it less so."

Q. Which HGTV / DIY Network star would you most like to work with and why?
"We are great friends with Chip and Joanna, but have never worked on a project with them. I would love to do a home with them in Waco and see how they work. We always have fun with Chip so there would be some funny moments."
Anthony: "Ditto."  

Q. Do you prefer bright colors or bright patterns?
John: "I like the right choice for the right space, and that isn’t a cop out answer. When it comes to my personal style, I love pattern."

The Raleigh Home Show takes over the Raleigh Convention Center September 15-17, 2017. With hundred of home improvement experts you're sure to find exactly what you need. The Kitchen Cousins appear on Saturday, September 16 at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Get your tickets now! 


SEPTEMBER 15-17, 2017.