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DekTek Tile is Taking Outdoor Living to Another Level of Unsurpassed Elegance!

The gorgeous concrete decking material is not only designed for elevated decks and roof decks, it’s also the perfect way to add class to all outdoor living areas: porches, patios, concrete-slabs, balconies, outdoor kitchens, three-season porches, fire pits, concrete steps, and ground pavers.

What Sets DekTek Tile Apart From The Rest:

* The Wow-Factor!

DekTek Tile is a vibrant upscale alternative to standard decking materials. With its striking appearance & unique innovative design, there is no other decking material on the market that looks as stunning as a DekTek Tile deck!

* Ultra-Low Maintenance

Homeowners can enjoy their deck rather than maintaining it. No more mold, rotting wood, chipping & peeling or the upkeep of cleaning, scrubbing, and staining your deck.

* No Fading

Unlike wood & composite decking, DekTek keeps its beautiful look.

* Non-Combustible

DekTek Tiles are safe for fire-pits & grills on the deck, and will extend your outdoor-living season. DekTek will possibly even lower your insurance cost!

*More Durable & Weather Resistant Than Standard Decking Materials

DekTek’s deck pavers are Minnesota tested and approved with temperatures well below zero to over 100 degrees, holding up absolutely beautifully!

* No Expensive Substrates or Heavy Duty Framing Needed

Standard framing is usually sufficient, with only minor modifications. DekTek Tile’s designed to be the same 1” thickness as traditional wood/composite decking to make beautiful accent decks, edge trims, or for mixing and matching.

* Tested and Certified by Professional Engineers

Building code approved and structurally engineered to hold over 1,000 pounds per tile. We look forward to meeting you at the show & helping to transform your outdoor living space!

Show Special:

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